Kevin Bruner is a BAFTA award winning 25 year entertainment veteran. He is the co-founder and former CEO of Telltale Games, the studio that brought interactive narrative mainstream. He has been executive producer of more than thirty games, including 2012's Game of the Year, "The Walking Dead". Many of his productions have been 'Game of the Year' nominees or winners.

Throughout his career, Kevin has created interactive stories based on world class properties such as Batman, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Minecraft and more. He's overseen a multitude of products which are available across the globe on platforms such as XBox, Playstation, iOS, Android, PC and Smart TV's.

Kevin has a lifelong passion to tell uniquely interactive stories. With a background in engineering, audio/video production, and game design he has been a driving force behind one of the most exciting new genres: interactive scripted entertainment.

Bruner House is pushing this emerging artform even further by bringing interactive stories to VR, mobile and video streaming services as well as expanding the traditional video game space. Our goal is to bring interactive story telling to everyone.

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